Whiskey Rose Tributes: WHITESNAKE & DIO

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Whiskey Rose Tributes: WHITESNAKE & DIO


Sat · April 28, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

This event is 19 and over

"WRT is quite possibly one of the biggest names in the Tribute scene. They hand pick some of the best music to perform live. There's flash & costumes. Good tributes try to completely bring you the experience of being live at the original's shows. Then there’s the music - Let me tell you that the music is spot on - you get the exact same experience! WRT is best known for the performance that started the entire ball rolling. Their Whitesnake & Ronnie James DIO/Black Sabath tribute brings the crowds every time! WRT is one of the most masterfully crafted live performances I've seen to date"  CLICK HERE for more info!

Whiskey Rose Tributes started in the late summer of 2014 and was formed with three members from a Toronto 80s indie recording band called Jett Black. The idea for this project was to navigate through various 80s rock super groups over time creating note-for-note high energy tributes to bring to the largest stages possible. The center of each tribute is the strongest singers found locally to handle the material and the second show featured Darren James Smith who is currently the lead singer for Jake E Lees Red Dragon Cartel and also the drummer/vocals behind the band Harem Scarem. Darren came into the fold to cover the iconic album by Black Sabbath called Heaven & Hell which featured for the first time Ronnie James Dio. This tribute continues to this day but has expanded to include material from other bands of Ronnie James Dio including Rainbow - Black Sabbath and his solo career as DIO and has a new name called -The DIO Years.
From The Ruins is a rock band. We play original and cover material, especially Guns n Roses.

Rising from smouldering remains; the spoils of a hard-fought battle, is the music by From The Ruins, an alternative rock band from Barrie, ON. Since hitting scene in late 2013, the band has focused their attention to constructing songs worthy of rock-anthem status with a very distinct process. Their song genesis is a product of a relentless attack, as the band aims to strip it down to its bare elements and then rebuild and work with it until it transcends their expectations, or abandon it. The resulting songs are packed so full of energy that they could easily ignite an inferno, as their sheer power reverberates over every fibre of your being. They are bound to take your soul hostage with their aggressive, yet complex melodies, dynamic harmonies and emotionally captivating lyrics.

From The Ruins was the vision of veteran musician, Julien Michaud (lead vocals/guitar), Gold record holder for his work with Mattel at Phase One Studios and former member of Richmond Switch. He joined forces with Bryan Lake (drummer; also from Richmond Switch) and two members from Atlantis Blueprint, Adam Skinner (backing vocals/guitar) and Brad Barnett (bass). The band has recently seen the introduction of two new members - Ryan Cooper (backing vocals/lead guitar) and Dave Murray (backing vocals/guitar/keys) after the departure of Skinner in 2016.

Although a new band, From The Ruins is no stranger to the Canadian music industry. Their former bands have opened for such acts as Brett Kissel, Wide Mouth Mason, Big Sugar, Kim Mitchell, Finger Eleven, The Arkells, Big Wreck, Ian Thornley, The Trews, Sloan, Monster Truck, Rick Emmett and April Wine, to name a few. FTR has also performed as a Guns N Roses tribute band, most recently at a fundraiser for SickKids Hospital.

Their debut EP, Wildcat Damage was released in 2016. It includes three songs: “Thread”, “Thrown Away” and “Voices”, along with an official video for "Voices" (directed by Dave Murray). From The Ruins has shared the stage with many bands including Big Wreck, Ascot Royals, Platinum Blonde, Say Yes, The Anti-Queens, The Sole Pursuit and Kill Matilda. They also performed in the Proving Ground Concert Series in Barrie in 2015 and 2016.

Embodying the lyrics from their song, “Slave”, From The Ruins are slaves to the rhythm and take every opportunity they can to perform live for their fans. They are looking forward to potential performances during the busy summer festival season and at local venues around the region.

“With haunting vocals, thought-provoking lyrics and highly technical instrumentation, they demonstrate their potency in the Canadian music scene.” - Canadian Beats
Venue Information:
Mavricks Music Hall
46 Dunlop Street West
Barrie, ON, L4N 0J3